Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 NCGA Four-Ball Qualifying

This was probably the most uneventful event I've worked yet, as far as rules questions went.  In a large part, that was due to the field:  It was a scratch event, played from the back tees (6800+ yards), and participants had to have indexes of 5.4 or below.  Thus, you had a field of players who kept the ball in play, and had at least a decent understanding of the rules.  An easy day for officials!

The first group went off at 8AM, and I played as a marker with the last pair at 10:10.  I spent much of the time between hanging around Paul Layrac, a certified rules official who has been my main mentor so far.  As I said, there was just plain not much going on.  Instead, we got to sit back and enjoy watching guys hit 300+ yard drives, splitting fairways or cutting doglegs.

Turns out the pair I marked for, who play out of Chardonnay, are good friends and frequent partners with my brother in law, who lives on the 10th fairway at Rancho Solano in Fairfield.  Everyone knows Jack, and everyone loves Jack.  My guys were a little over matched by the distance, and scrambled hard to shoot 75, missing the cut by four.  Without putting too much effort into it, because I mostly wanted to stay out of the way of the competitors, I shot 80 with two penalty strokes (hazards), which from 6800+ yards I'll take. 

Again, a pretty non-eventful day. 

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